albert ayler, live in denmark, 1964: the copenhagen tapes

albert ayler on tenorsaxophone, the great don cherry and his tiny little trumpet, gary peacock on subsonic bassdrones, and sunny murray rattling in on drums. it was 1964, and noboreday in the usa even dared to listen to the music of albert ayler; except for the esp-gang, of course. but scandinavia loved him.
so here&now you can listen to abert ayler and his band executioneering some tunes long before the publicpublic wouldcould hear them on his first album: brut-dirty and blow-dry with a punk-attitude and a punk-impact; up-front with an evil grin.
tracks 1 to 6 have been recorded live at the club montmartre in copenhagen (that's in denmark, part of the afforementioned scandinavia that is), and the tracks 7 to 10 have been recorded live in the studio of the danish radio. these recordings have been released on the wonderful danish ayler-records-label in 2002 and had been sold out within minutes.

so listen to this:

01 - spirits
03 - saints
04 - mothers
05 - children
06 - spirits
07 - introduction by borje roger hensen
09 - saints
10 - spirits

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shangri-la! the mock turtles, the chesterfield kings, the fleshtones, the droogs, the thanes and many others paying their tribute to the kinks in 1989

the greatest nonorock and nevernomoreroll band in the world, laddayath and gentallemorons, the kinks! in 1989 the british imaginary records label asked the cream della cremont of the newneomod and altpsycharage bands to pay their tribute to the kinks, and they did. what you get is the cd version of shangri-la including eight bonus tracks, plus three tracks of ambiguous provenience that i thought you might like to hear.

so listen to this:

01 - the mock turtles - shangri-la
02 - the chesterfield kings - rosie
03 - turn to flowers - village green preservation society
04 - the thanes - who'll be next in line (listen directly in your browser)
05 - the fleshtones - it's too late
06 - the cateran - days
07 - the wolfhounds - i'm not like every body else
08 - the cardiacs - suzannah's still alive
09 - the thunderbyrds - this strange effect
10 - the droogs - she's got everything
11 - the thanes - you shouldn't be sad
12 - the crocodile shop - i need you
13 - patch up boys - big black smoke
14 - the cateran - tired of waiting (listen directly in your browser)
15 - the fleshtones - too much on my mind
16 - the chesterfield kings - live life
17 - the wolfhounds - set me free
18 - cud - lola
19 - the mock turtles - big sky
20 - the reegs - see my friends

21 - british summer time ends - you really got me
(clive bell, stuart jones, sylvia hallett; 1992)

22 - the kinks - till the end of the day (listen directly in your browser)
23 - the kinks - you really got me
(live on german television; ca. 1966)

download a tribute to the kinks
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gong 1970 / camembert eclectique / rehearsing and remodelling in ouster space

officially released as GAS 001 in 1995, this collection of gong rehearsals and sketches of payne from wroundabout 1970 seems to have vanourished in the dunst. you can still buy it via discogs for some 30 euro, or you can listen to it on this-here blog and then buy it anyway. and that's the best that you can do: listen to it and go and buy it, even if it's only for the booklet, or something. anyway.
gong in those times in 1970 were daevid allen (guitars and vocals), didier malherbe (saxophones and flutes), christian tritsch (bass), gilly smyth (vocals), raschid houari (drums), dieter gewissler (violin) and daniel laloux on horns, violin, bowed drums and vocals. dieter by the way had been playing with burton greene before and could be found later as being part of one of the many line-ups of kraut veterans embryo; the rest of the band stayed with gong for the better or the better worst, or got missing in the process of growing old. anyway.
and this is what you'll get:

01 - the montelieu demos 15:30
02 - garcon ou fille 3:36 (alternative version)
03 - dynamite / goldilocks 5:42
04 - rock and roll angel etc etc 5:38
05 - garcon ou fille 3:35 (submix; listen directly in your browser)
06 - hyp hynotize you 3:38
07 - haunted chateau rehearsals 13:17
08 - big city energy 3:46 (listen directly in your browser)
09 - gongwash indelible 5:49

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the mighty fall / live somewhere in europe / probably recorded in 1983 / the mighty fall

yesno: appsouloudely nothing is known about this tape, except for the fact that i bought it in düsseldorf in 1984, and that i detecterriorized a provisional tracklist by listening to it. all tracks are live recordings or at least pretend to be; all tracks on side one (tracks 1-6) seem to have been recorded on the same date sometime in 1983; the tracks on side two obviously are pointing to completely different provenances in terms and in their beautiful selfishes; but bit borp burt this is all i know.

so u listen:

01 - hex enduction hour
02 - ludd gang
03 - the classical
04 - room to live (listen directly in your browser)
05 - wings
06 - smile

07 - hexen definitive
08 - i feel voxish
09 - kicker conspiracy
10 - hard life in country
11 - the man whose head expanded

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the flying lizards / top ten / cd-version with bonus track / popopular awhammgad noyce / etc. / 1985

popopular they are indeep: eveverybody knows these songs and cun sing they altwogather: upon urge heads and lick them pickturdiss cum. end and ant you all know them protagonisterikers that make the musik go round: david cunningham, sally, steve beresford, john greaves, and monymony moore, ass you know from youtube or realife or whenever you're ready.
this here cd-version of the top ten is rather expencive becaused by the bonus11minutestrack, butthereare still sum poirples that hvenverheart the rest of the album, i.e. the album: so hears your changs to listum to the third album of the flying lizards beforeyougoandbuyit for 50 pounds on discox, and you gitt the bonustrack fourfree assa bonusdreck, thatzit!


01 - tutti frutti
02 - dizzy miss lizzie
03 - sex machine
04 - what's new, pussycat?
06 - then he kissed me
07 - whole lotta shaking goin' on
09 - great balls of fire
10 - tears
11 - top ten again (listen directly in your browser)

(mp3 / all scans includered / diricktownloard)


achim reichel and machines / live in hamburg 1973 / erholung! / minimal kraut for your pleasure / a power meditation mess

hamburg! reeperbahn! grosse freiheit! kaiserkeller 1962! starclub 1963! the beatles supporting achim reichel and the rattles! achim reichel, the blondest blondel of all blond superstars! a wild weared weird time was guaranteed for all! the beat was a-happening, and achim reichel was the mastermaster of all ceremonikers! it was easy, it was cheap, and we're all paining and pining and a-longing for all theses short mo(nu)ments of the purest of truth that we could have had experienced if only we were old enough, though those that are old enough have turned into boring old morons and that's not et cetera et cetera.
when the beat went on and away, achim reichel let his hair grow and sunk into his kind of power meditation: deeply influenced by mininimalists like terry riley and la monte young he sucked in the power of the emerging experimental kraut and teutronic noise and trancefoamed it onto a new level of undercosciousnessecity using hinterbandkontrolle, displaced delay and addlepated pedal power. it was a funderstorm most people didn't even notice; but at least robert fripp learned a thing or two.
the album erholung was recordered live in the fabrik in hamburg in 1973, and was the last experimental album achim reichel ever did before metamorphazing into a heroe of the german neue deutsche welle and an impersonator of "i was the beatles long before the beatles" for german television oldies shows on sunday mornings. but still he looks great, and his music is not always all too boring, if i may pidgin it out this way. thank you.
on the force of august 1973 the hamburg fabrik saw achim reichel on guitars and machines, jochen petersen on saxes and flute, peter franken on drums, and olaf casalich of ougenweide fame on percussion. they executed four long tracks, and that was way too short.

01 - gute reise
03 - alles inklusive
04 - erholung

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4IN1 / pseudo code, mecanique vegetale, etat brut et human flesh / a tape with four belgian bands released in 1982

the arcane side, the mysterious sight, the occult signs, the unsearchable sighs of the belgian postpunk postindustrial underground. pseudo code, mecanique vegetale, etat brut et human flesh executionearing their versions of lo-fi home-made ritrewal tridal mustique for a metanew commournity of outsizers: mysoterick punque floroarrating as hermetick ordeurs of blasphemenous fervidness.
their instruments were cheap and easy to coumtrol, their minds were set out as unconscious un-entities of operating titones and they vent out to dorse it. the belgiogoning beings have never been a caitiff state of a nationalist nationation, but always a wide open straight of mynde. these sounds are hypertopic cradlogades of underclaimed submetamaps of nevernerve-a-terriotories that hop-e-fully will be a-happening in a-coming noonday sumn, as nietzsche foreboulded.
some information on the four bands involved can be found on discogs, the place where you can buy this-here tape for a minimum of 39 euro. you won't, won't you?

so hears what you get:

01 - mecanique vegetale - incantations cyclique
02 - mecanique vegetale - lamentations (listen directly in your browser)
03 - mecanique vegetale - zona periodica
04 - mecanique vegetale - sick soldier
05 - pseudo code - le gange
06 - etat brut - sollicitation extérieure
07 - etat brut - psychosomatique
08 - human flesh - total recall
09 - human flesh - T.I.N.A. 74
10 - human flesh - matin promenade
11 - human flesh - airport (your selfish mind) (listen directly in your browser)

download the belgian underground from 1982
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supply and demand: dagmar krause sings bertolt brecht, hanns eisler and kurt weill (1986; cd-version with ten bonus tracks)

born as a city preacher, raised in good id-company with inga rumpf and rereborn as henry the happy slapping cow, german singer dagmar krause (coyned after some harth days with the goebbels knights) released her first solosolo-album in 1986 singing songs of bertolt brecht, set to music by the german avantgarde composers hanns eisler and kurt weill between 1927 and 1943.
on this-here occasion dagmar krause can be heard with richard thompson on guitars, jason osborn on piano, danny thompson on bass, john harle andandy findon on woodwinds, roger williams on trombone and tuba, howard evans on trumpet, paul wickens on synthesizer, jack emblow on accordian, adrian levine on violin, david newby on cello, and joe gallivan on percussion; all of them can be found on discogs, as you might have guessed.
so listen:

01 - song von der ware $
02 - grabrede §
03 - deutsche miserere $
04 - o falladah, die du hangest $
05 - alabama song §
06 - hollywood elegies $
07 - surabaya johnny §
08 - moritat (ballade von mackie messer) §
09 - barbara-song §&
10 - kanonen-song §&
11 - matrosen-tango §
12 - die ballade von der höllenlili §
13 - das lied von der moldau $
14 - im gefängnis zu singen $ (listen directly in you browser)
15 - ostersonntag 1935 $
16 - zu potsdam unter den eichen §
17 - der song von der mandelay §
18 - benares-song §
19 - supply & demand $&
20 - epitaph 1919 §&
21 - german miserere $& (listen directly in you browser)
22 - surabaya johnny §&
23 - song of the moldau $& (listen directly in you browser)
24 - pavel's prison song $&
25 - easter sunday 1935 $&
26 - in potsdam 'unter den eichen' §&

all lyrics by bertolt brecht; § composition kurt weill; $ composition hanns eisler; & bonus track, not included with the original vinyl release, recorded at the same session in 1986.

(mp3 / all scans and lyrics included / direct download)


ron asheton: the 1976 demos with the new order, plus some more

do i love the stooges? hellfuckyes, i do; even more than jesus loves the stooges. when they kind of split up and off in 1974, iggy pop teamed up with james williamson for some new adventures, and ron asheton went off into the wild to form the new order with dennis thompson on drums, jimmy recca on bass, scott thurston on keyboards, and jeff spry on vocals. having recorded some demos in 1975, thurston and spry left for good or gold, ray gunn joined them as a guitar player and dave gilbert from the amboy dukes snapped the microphone. these guys in 1976 recorded the eight demos you are about to be hearing right now.
this-here cd version of victim of circumstance has four of the tracks that new order recorded in 1975 (and released as the album declaration of war) added as bonus tracks. for your listening pleasure i added some of the well-known 1981 live recordings that ron asheton executed in 1981 with the new race, including of course loose (faded out on the original release; by no means by me) and descent into the maelström, the two songs that were omitted from the vinyl-version of the new race masterpiece. you can hear ron asheton on guitar, warwick gilbert on bass, deniz tek on guitar, dennis thompson on drums, and rob younger on leadvocals. you know them all, don't you!!!
so this is what you want, and this is what you get:

new order mark 2; 1976
01 - victim of circumstance
02 - sold for cash girl
03 - sex drive
04 - 1975 no taboos
05 - never be the same again
06 - can't quit yer (listen directly in your browser)
07 - sidewinder
08 - hit and run

new order mark 1; 1975
09 - lucky strike
10 - declaration of war (listen directly in your browser)
11 - hollywood holliday
12 - sidewinder

new race; live 1981
14 - descent into the maelström
15 - sad tv
16 - alone in the endzone
17 - breaks my heart
18 - columbia
19 - looking at you
20 - crying sun

(mp3; all scans and the complete booklet included; direct download)


stuttgarter gitarren trio 1996: a tribute to barney kessel, including two tracks barney kessel recorded in stuttgart in 1979

das stuttgarter gitarren trio (the stuttgart guitar trio) with the blank space characters correct in english and completely wrong in german, and their tribute to barney kessel, one of the greatest jazzguitarists this world has ever seen, recorded in 1996, and including two tracks that barney kessel recorded in stuttgart in 1979 with the bigband des sdr, des süddeutschen rundfunks, the southgerman broadcasting service, conducted by the great erwin lehn.
das stuttgarter gitarren trio (dieter fischer, lorenzo petrocca and frank kuruc on guitars, german klaiber on bass, and torsten krill on bass) was deeply rooted in the leftoisocialdemocratic gutlinksbürgerliche hardbopestablishment within the halfofficial halfsubterranean promotion of cultural affairs, better known as the sometimes wonderful but most of the time coumpletely annoying stuttgart sleaze. but okay, as long as they come to terms like this and find ways to dump and distribute public funds into a cliquey but nevertheless higheely interesting music scene i won't dare to mind.
soho, my reigndeers, here is some wellgroomed stuttgart jazz, released on the metavantgardish edition musikat (an interesting and by no means completely rediscovered label that saw some spanish folklore music, the präzisionsmusik of HEUTE, some obscure offsprings of no sports, and radicilous noise in the non-tradition of stockhausen or cage) of the one and lonely buch-julius in 1996. ("volume 1", by the way, refers to the number of discs the stuttgart gitarren trio have released, not to the quantity of tributes to barney kessel)
so this is what you want, in case you did not know, and this is what you'll get: the stuttgart guitar trio with some brubeck, wes montgomery and their tribute to barney kessel, and barney kessel himself with two tracks you can't hear anywhere else. a very comprehensive booklet in german and english is included in the downloadfile. bop it!

(mp3 / all scans included and more / direct download)

listen to straight and have you met miss jones directly in your browser; just click left)