i saw her standing there: the beatles performing twentyseven versions of their wonunderfall protopunk mayhymn

i saw her standing there: between 1962 and 1965 the beatles recorded more than a hundred versions of this loud, fast and beautifoul protopunk headbanger live and in the studios; always different, always the same. for your pleasure i coumpiled at least immerhin twentyseven of these versions to twist and shout your heads out. so blaylack your mints and klutzyjump to the sound of the secorned best prunk band ever in the entirattled universe from hear too intearinaty!

01 - 31st of december 1962 / live at the hamburg starclub
02 - 11th of february 1963 / take 2
03 - 11th of february 1963 / take 4 (listen directly in your browser)
04 - 24th of october 1963 / live in stockholm
05 - unidentified / from vintage gold 2 / japan
06 - 16th of march 1963 / saturday club / bbc (listen directly in your browser)
07 - 5th of october 1963 / saturday club / bbc
08 - 12th of june 1964 / live in adelaide / loud version (listen directly in your browser)
09 - september 1962 / cavern club rehearsal / bootleg version
10 - 11th of february 1963 / take 9 
11 - 24th of september 1963 / bbc / pop go the beatles
12 - 11th of february 1963 / takes 6, 7, 8, 9 
13 - 18th of december 1963 / bbc / from us to you (listen directly in your browser)
14 - 5th of may 1964 / live in blokker, holland / evening show (listen directly in your browser)
15 - 25th of march 1963 / saturday club / bbc
16 - 21st of july 1963 / bbc / easybeat
17 - september 1962 / cavern club rehearsal / clean version
18 - 11th of february 1963 / take 5 (listen directly in your browser)
19 - 20th of october 1963 / bbc / easybeat
20 - 18th of may 1964 / bbc / from us to you (listen directly in your browser)
21 - 11th of february 1963 / track 2 / take 10 
22 - 22nd of december 1963 / live at the liverpool empire (listen directly in your browser)
23 - 11th of february 1963 / track 2 / takes 11 and 12
24 - 3rd of june 1963 / bbc / steppin' out
25 - 11th of february 1963 / takes 2 and 3 (listen directly in your browser)
26 - 25th of june 1963 / bbc / pop go the beatles
27 - 4th of june 1964 / live in kopenhagen

(mp3 / scans included / direct download)

four some more information about the song et cetera et cetera you may want to look up their number in the wikipedia through the looking glass bathroom window, bla bla.

the psychodererelick sounds of loop: the peel sessions and some more (1987-1990)

i always loved the monolithic monotaneously metarepeating riffs of the loop. they sounded and appeared like an unconcerned version of spacemen 3 or the jesus and mary chain, and though they were as deeply rooted in 60s psychedeliria and spaceartrock as those units loop were much more accessible and down-to-earth.
in their high time between 1985 and 1991 they released four albums and a handful of singles, all of them are highly recommended. to give you a general idea of their music i decided to share their three john peel sessions and to add them up with three tracks from one of their maxi cds. it is not all too hard to find their releases, and they are not all too expensive: so go ahead!

so listen:

01 - soundhead (listen directly in your browser)
02 - straight to your heart
03 - rocket usa
----- peel session 1987

04 - pulse (listen directly in your browser)
05 - this is where you end
06 - collision
----- peel session 1988

07 - from centre to wave
08 - afterglow
09 - sunburst (listen directly in your browser)
----- peel session 1990

10 - arc-lite (sonar)
11 - arc-lite (radiated) (listen directly in your browser)
12 - sunburst
----- maxi 1989

download the loop
(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)


sieg über die sonne - the mode and mogul remixes 1997, featuring atom heart, sensorama, sun electric and ricardo villalobos; plus some bonus tracks

some underharshed german schmuse-kraut-tekkNO for your pleasure: hmpa hmpa hmpa hmpa hmpa hmpaaaaaaaaaaaaa hmpa hmpa hmpa hmpa hmpa hmpa hmpa hmpa hmpa hmpa with a touch of throbbing gristle and tangerine dream. sieg über die sonne!
in 1996 the german pop-elecktro-dance duo sieg über die sonne invited some of their friends and collaboredrateurs to remake and remodel some of their tracks from their second album; and some of them did. the maxi-cd 1 ∞ remixe was released in 1997 on their own S3 frankfurt label and instantlay varnished in the haze. so what you will be listening to right now is the extended play cd with (re)mixes by atom heart, sensorama, sun electric, ricardo villalobos and sieg über die sonne theirthemselves, plus the original versions of the tracks that were underlayered the process of reremixering and firstly of all had been released on their 1 ∞ album in 1996.

so here we go-go:

01 - pre-human body (atom heart st go party remix)
02 - mogul (sensorama remix) (listen directly in your browser)
03 - mode (sieg über die sonne remix)
04 - mogul (sun electric +5v remix)
05 - mogul (ricardo villalobos remix)
06 - mogul (sun electric -5v remix) 

07 - mode (original)
08 - mogul (original) (listen directly in your browser)
09 - pre-human body (original)

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)


hiroshi metallic: some düsseldorfkölnbonn postkraut free improvisation recorded wayback in 2002, plus some bonus tracks

hiroshi metallic was a performing unit of artists and musicians that in the early years of the 21st century could be found in almost every art gallery, concert club, living room or recording studio way down the rhine in the area of cologne, bonn and düsseldorf executing their very special approach to free improvised music. today we will take a listen to their second album hiroshi metallic II that was released on the düsseldorf no time music label some time around 2002 as a limited edition on a cd-r with colourprinted (and fading out) cover. if there ever was a first or third album remains completely obscured by krauts.
hiroshi metallic for this release were MIK 999 on vocals, stefanie blau on vocals, karin johnson on vocals, avar lasim on trumpet, flügelhorn and oboe, tom swinehart on electronics, gunnar on didgeridoo, michael hauck on guitar and providing samples, gisbert schürig on guitars, jörg mierke on bass and guitar, and marc on drums, tablas and bass. only very few information about this band can be found on the web, but the few things i found out i am sharing with you, either in the links above, or in the fact that i am substituting some of the cryptic names on the cover with the real names.
for your listening pleasure here is the complete album hiroshi metallic II exactly as my friend ar/gee gleim of the düsseldorf no time gallery sent to me in 2003, plus some bonus tracks:

01 - intro
02 - rasa mu
03 - inner pyrami
04 - bong dong gong
06 - bluecifer
07 - mind swank
08 - limon
10 - inner pyrami
11 - pow tow
12 - oco
13 - weck mich bitte um 2
14 - ninga ninga ninganonu (listen directly in your browser)
15 - noshca II
16 - 7182427359
17 - noshca I
18 - summerrace
19 - monsieur swinehart

and the bonus tracks:

20 - visual noise (agata schubert and michael hauck; found on wirre klarheit)

21 - kult 41-1
22 - kult 41-2
24 - kult 41-4
(hiroshi metallic live at the kult 41 club in bonn on the 1st of february 2002; found on image is violence!

25 - MIK 999 live with embryo on the 30th of june 2002 at the naturtheater hayingen (found on image is violence!)

26 - gisbert schürig - apocalyptic comfort (2014; found on soundcloud)

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)


marc bolan and t.rex: a paw of fur, an air of doom: the midnight sky of a solid mad scientist: a collection of rare tracks, sketches and alternate takes from 1966 to 1977; released in 1993

and just exactly what the headline says: a paw of fur, an air of doom: the midnight sky of a solid mad scientist is a collection of rare tracks, sketches and alternate takes by marc bolan and t.rex recorded some time between 1966 and 1977, that was released in 1993 on the very famous creatures in disguise label. most of these tracks had not been legally released in those days, and some of them still are waiting in the vaults to become part of a bunch of hidden bonus tracks as a part of a limited edition re-release in portugal, peru or taiwan.
and even for the heartcore collectors a paw of fur, an air of doom: the midnight sky of a solid mad scientist is a lot of fun to listen to, and some of these tracks might have slipped rocking underneath their radar. so here is some family fodder for your listening pleasure; and here we gogo:

01 - bolan blitz (intro)
02 - tutti frutti
03 - the street & babe shadow (listen directly in your browser)
04 - satisfaction pony
05 - black jack
06 - you gotta jive to stay alive
07 - monolith
08 - rock on
09 - my world is empty without you
10 - cosmic dancer
11 - sailors of the highway
12 - nameless wildness
13 - alligator man (1972) (listen directly in your browser)
14 - jet tambourine (1973)
15 - the leopards
16 - hound dog
17 - high noon
18 - left hand luke
19 - the flo and eddie show
20 - the midnight sky of a solid mad scientist
22 - wind cheetah
24 - sleepy maurice
25 - find a little wood
26 - dreamy lady
27 - dawn storm
28 - something right
29 - do i love thee
30 - a paw of fur an air of doom
32 - zinc reminder

(mp3 / 320 kbps / all scans included / direct download) 


secret crowd-rites at the brocken volume 3: a compilation of some obscure 60s garage noise from germany and circumjacent cuntrees for your pleasure

this is a coumpilation of mostly german all most european 60s garage noise, released in a limited edition of 80 copies way back some time around 2005. no information on this release is available anywhere on the world wide web; but it is appsouloudelay oppphious that the people behind this very shortlived series (in my collection i have volume 1 "behind the pandemonium", and volume 3 "secret crowd-rites at the brocken"; if ever there was a volume 2 i cannot tell) tried to copy the almighty prae-kraut pandaemonium compilation series that started in 1994 and saw some 15 volumes on vinyl, some subsumptions on various compact discs, and some more volumes that were only available as downloads right here in this-here weblog.
but anyway, those youngsters did quite a good job: they cared and carried together some greatestits and some forgottenlost sounds from whatever obscure sources they found. it is fun to listen to some wellknown wellpebbled and wellrereleased sound as well as at least a few tunes that are unearthed here for the first time since their release in the sixties. 
for today we are going to listen to volume 3 "secret crowd-rites at the brocken"; volume 1 will follow pretty soon. so here we go-go:

01 - countdowns - sexmaniac
02 - les sauterelles - forgot it all
03 - prophets - hey mister
04 - frankie farian und die schatten (cheaply disguised as wolfgang farian und die frösche, for reasons unknown) - herz aus stein (heart of stone) (listen directly in your browser)
05 - dynamites - tell me yes or no
06 - countdowns - i'm a man
07 - german bonds - sing hallelujah
08 - evil - stop running around
10 - rivets - now decide
11 - german bonds - so mystifying
12 - burt and gentlemen - i'm so in love
13 - the four renders - let's get together
14 - gentlemen - you never try
15 - evil -whatcha gonna do about it (listen directly in your browser)
16 - burt and gentlemen - girl number one
17 - team beats berlin - sick and tired
18 - dynamites - don't leave me behind
19 - the jay-jays (misstreated as the mods) - baldheaded woman (sorry; this track is destroxxed on the cd; only a few seconds have survived)
20 - hounddogs - shake
21 - knut kiesewetter - stop stop stop
22 - silhouettes - crying over you
23 - les sauterelles - i'm a prisoner
24 - strangers - for your love
25 - counts - don't bring me down (listen directly in your browser)
26 - blizzards - be mine
27 - unknownbonustrack - try me (sorry; this track is destroxxed on the cd; only a few seconds have survived)

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)


TAPEZINE 004!! this is fuck off wreckords from something like 1983. featuring the impossible dreamers, white flag, here & now, and kommando holger meins

you may find a lot of information about tapezines 001 and 002 on fuck off records, at least some very few information on tapezine 003 on fuckoffrechords, but appsouludedlay no information on tapezine 004 on fuck off wreckords. so here we go.
according to the lack of information we got this tape must have been released some time around 1983 in london. as usual some of the bands mentioned on the cover or in the linernotes are not included on the tape, most of them are, and some bands not featured on the cover are included as well as well as some sounds on this tape can not be identified at all. i tried to figure it all out, and here is how i shipwrecked:

sickstay minuetes of tapezine 004:

- impossible dreamers > 05:00
- one million hamburgers > 08:00
- kommando holger meins > 12:00
- brainless radio poetry > 25:00 (end?) (listen to dave caddy directly in your brow, sir!)
- crazy alan dogend > ca. 25:00 (start?)
- our man in scunthorpe > 31:00
- white flag > 38:00 (listen directly in your browser)
- here and now band - bomb shiva shankar (39:00 to 48:00)
- gross katastroph (48:00 to 58:00)
- announcement of idiot ball room blitz and subway section; but my copy of the tape ends here. so-horry!

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)


some german postkraut psychodelirions: demo recordings from zimmerman o. o. of off o. aura and montana blue: hanging around like no-one else would do, oh yeah

ah, the german psychotick underground of the late eighties and early nineties, the nephews and nieces and niches in the aftermath of the 39 clocks, the beauty contest or the kastrierte philosophen and their decent desc-end-ants, fed up in any sense of the meaning of the words with lou reed, kevin ayers and kim fowley, they were so wonderful, so beautiful, and so damned. so for today we will be listening to some demo recordings underproduced by zimmerman o. o. of off o. aura in 1992 and montana blue in 1986. both bands came from nowhere and went straight back there, after releasing some handful of great records. so here=there:

zimmerman o. o. of off o. aura were part of the hannover-nienburg-verden-bremen-wümme-oldenburg scene of crime, deeply rooted in a very unexcitedly tradition of longlone psychopunkeering dark stars like the perc, the black vial and the phantom payne. these demo recordings have probadly been produced sometime between 1996 and 1999 (my first guess was 1992; but in the comments trepan pointed my attention to the email address, so i corrected this), but nobody knows if it really happened. they released quite a loft of records until 1999, and the disappeared and or not.
so listen:

01 - away
02 - ghostly fake
03 - residential home (listen directly in your browser)
04 - new mexico
05 - handy beaches

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)


montana blue from cologne were a little bit more stalwart and tangible, with some shorter tracks and some popasartaspop on their minds. they were leon kieven on bass, jiri douda on drums, and william lee self on guitar and vocals; these demo recordings were selfproduced in 1985 or 1986, some time before blaine l. reininger joined them and before konrad "conny" plank produced their first longplayer. montana blue recorded four albums until 1991 and then mostly got lost in the process of growing old.

01 - look after me
02 - 12 or 13
03 - waiting by the walk (listen directly in your browser)
04 - what she needs
05 - greatest show

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)


white negroes in deutschland: kim fowley live in berlin in october 1992 featuring chris wilson from the flamin' groovies

one of the very few live recordings of kim fowley that have survived, and what a great show this was. the audience hated him from the very first moment his underrehearsed band tried to produce some interrelated music on stage, and he does not care at all. right in the middle of the performance the organiser asks the audience if they reall want to go on listening to this shit, and they all go NO! and BOO! and kim fowley goes on and on until they literally shove and club him off the stage, and still he is talking and talking and talking his mind and the audience is not able or allowed to understand or to see that this moment in rockandrollhistory is the one moment that keeps the whole universe all together.
the cd white negroes in germany was recorded on the 25th and 26th of october 1992 at the neue welt in berlin and featured chris wilson of the flamin' groovies on guitar, a drummer, some special guests and some naked girls. tracks one to nine are the only remaining fragments of the live concert on the 26th of october before kim fowley had to flee backstage and back to the hotel as fast as possible, the other tracks were recorded during the rehearsal on the 25th of october; tracks 15 and 16 can not be found on the vinyl version of this performance. 

so here we go:

live in berlin on the 26th of october 1992:
01 - berlin boogie
02 - moonlight in germany
03 - petra kelly's dead
04 - back in the ussr (listen directly in your browser)
05 - gloria
06 - peter r. defends kimania
07 - skin head boot boy mambo
08 - o.k. shithead (listen directly in your browser)
09 - third world girl (spanish fly) (listen directly in your browser)

live in rehearsal on the 25th of october 1992:
10 - heart of a dog
11 - e.e.c.c. blues
12 - soul of a madman (listen directly in your browser)
13 - world beat party
14 - night of pagan sex
15 - on the autobahn (listen directly in your browser)
16 - rockin' in the balkans 

later on that night kim fowley barricaded himself in room 719 of the berlin ibis hotel with some members of the stuttgart postpsaychoredelic band metabolismus who had helped him to escape. kim fowley did not stop to brabble and to blather and to spiel, and the metabolisten accompanied his uncontrollable brambardizing. a few weeks later a tape with some twenty minutes of this performance was released as sounds of an empty room on the metabolismus label and the 7-inch-vinyl stranded in stuttgart, produced by wenne voran and myself, followed soon after. 
you may find both releases in this=here blog following the links i provided above (with lots of additional information); but for your listening pleasure i added the tape sounds of an empty room just exactly right here.

17 - sounds of an empty room - kim fowley and metabolismus (listen directly in your browser)

(mp3 / all scans included / direct download)